Friday, November 26, 2010

Rain, heat, Rain, heat, rain.....

The blonde on the left is Bri, the red head is her best friend Sophie.

She had a gorgeous red tulle petticoat- very rockabilly!

Royal Shiraz batt drying- or trying to, sending it to The Thread Studio Monday.

No room for clothes on the line!

Mmmm, yum. A bunch of silk rods drying for dinner.
We had pizza instead.

It's been a wet spring in Warrandyte. It's so hard to get the wool and silk dry. I dye it in the morning, put it out on the line in the afternoon, go to bring it in and it rains just before I get it. Well, at least it's well rinsed.
Big week, Belle's first school camp, tents and all. None of that cabin camping other schools do. Bri had her formal and I have the photos that prove she has legs. Most people had never seen her in a dress.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I have been up to.

Holey scarf in Pilgrim colourway with tissue silk.

Bowl with hand dyed scrim/ muslin nuno-ed.

Bowl with hand stitching. circles were cut from prefelt ( oops felt), applied as last layer.

Looking more washed out than it is- same kind of bowl with chain stitch as embellishment using Mulberry Silks silk thread which is a dream- supplied by The Thread Studio.

Well, a lot it seems to me! As promised- photos of the cake for Madelen's 21st. We didn't cut it after all. She liked it so much, she took it home with her intact for the next nights celebration with her friends. Most of them seem to be Stargate fans as well. Bri helped enormously in making the cake and I got to pass on some of the things I had learnt about cake decorating from my Mother. That was kind of nice too. I only got one photo of Madelen opening her Stargate figurines I found in a shop in Tasmania. She squealed so I think that meant she liked them.
The little felt bowls were samples I played with in Tasmania. I like making them but love using them. I always have little bits of everything that need to be put somewhere!
The weekend is shaping up to be hellish. Belle's dance concert is tomorrow night and I have to be a helper- what do I know about sequins? Bri has her best friend's 16th party to go to. Next night is her formal and after party, Saturday is extra kids over.....And worst of all.....I am out of decent coffee. I need a little lie down....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mummy's little angel turns 21.

Photos tomorrow of the big event. Twenty one years ago today Madelen arrived. The most joyful day of my life. Difficult birth, occasionally difficult upbringing all worth it to see what a fine young women she has turned into. Off to decorate the cake and check I have adequate amounts of tequila for my margaritas tonight. After all, its all about me isn't it?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still trotting about

Still gadding about Tasmania with Rae. We had a great time in Deloraine at the Craft Fair and have since been to Lake St Clair, Derwent Bridge and now Ross. Unfortunately, I am unable to post any pictures but I assure you if I could it would all be of food. Scones jam and cream all over Tasmania. Not the greatest coffee, but Rae brought along her coffee machine so we are not suffering.
Off to Launceston tomorrow for me to teach a two day work shop, then back home to the family. Wouldn't do to enjoy myself too much now....