Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough is enough

Colettesheart shop on etsy. Ilove this!

This brooch is by Hen's Teeth. She has just opened a store in the U.K, lucky Brits.
Ok, this is silly. I seem to have caught a 'mancold'. Still sick and blogging from my bed. The Blond is cleaning the kitchen for me- being the only member of the family not currently down with the bug. Husband is kidding himself that he will be well enough to fly back to work tomorrow, little blond hopefully will finally make it back to school after being sick for 3 weeks, and the Brunette wont come home to visit until the 'centre for disease control' deems us safe and out of quarantine.
I am desperate to get creating but as always I think you work full on for a while and as soon as the pressure is off, you fall in a heap. Anyway, thinking of Dale and Ian working hard in Perth at the show this weekend and am glad it's not me. So, some pics of what other people are doing at the moment- as always, I LOVE FLICKR!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back Home

Bag with dyed battenburg lace doiley, polyester ladies shirt from op shop, silk fibre and mohair yarn.

Hi all, I've been at the stitching show for the last few days in Melbourne and fighting a nasty cold. the youngest girl has been sick with it for about three weeks and off school for about that long too.
Before I can get back into my studio though, I have to mail stock off to The Thread Studio for their big show this weekend in Perth at the showgrounds. After that it's finally playtime for me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Blond.

Yep, 16 years ago today, the Blond arrived. She had a monk's hair do, came two weeks early and gave me high blood pressure, mastitis and post natal depression. She woke every couple of hours, had a right royal attitude and wrapped her father so tight around her pudgy finger that he is still there. Threw epic tantrums, bit all of her sister's fingers off, ate the dog's food, and screamed her guts out on public transport, especially planes, trains and automobiles.
Was it worth it? Every minute. A beautiful young lady with a heart of gold and a killer smile. A little piece of sunshine that these days keep me sane. Happy sweet sixteen beautiful Blond.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In love with Colour.

I have been dyeing new silk carrier rods which are thicker and firmer than the old ones I had. I get them from Dale and they take dye really well. Now that they are not so labour intensive I have decided that I really should start using them, so have a look back over the next week or so.
A note to self- silver or grey when mixed with red just makes PINK! You would think I would know this but last night I managed to felt a bag using Poppy and instead of keeping the silver separate from the red, I just blended them all so well- I NOW HAVE PINK!!!!!
Nadine and her husband Mark attempted to cheer me with the words- (pause) is a lovely pink......
I'm not proud, I'll take a pic and put it up, just have to finish banging my head in the door.

Monday, July 12, 2010

RED, RED and more RED.

A few months ago, I over rinsed a batch of red wool which I couldn't sell. So whenever I want to try something, I pull out that batch of red. Here is the weekends play. A vessel I like but is not firm enough. Either I need to felt it down further or do more layers next time. And, a beginnings of a book cover.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Silk Paper Instructions

Thanks to Rhonda for putting me in her treasury.

Inspired by this amazing photographer.....

Zé Eduardo

New colourway Vespa- inspired by above photo but really done because Nadine asked for a lime and burnt orange. Thing is, she asked for them to be separate, but how could I possibly do just one colour......Strange concept.

New Colour Poppy. The Blond and her friend thought I needed a more sophisticated colourway for my bracelet kits and they were right. Especially for Jeff's Shed coming up. Which will be in winter in Melbourne. Uniform for winter in Melbourne? Grey, black and possibly a little splash of red if you are feeling flashy.

Revamped the instructions for silk paper making- here they are.

Make up your adhesive spray by pouring 50ml of Jo Sonja Textile Medium (adhesive) and 100mls of water into a clean bowl. You can dilute the mixture further if you require a softer paper. Mix the solution and set it aside. Fill a second bowl with warm water and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. This will help the water penetrate the fibres.

Lay one sheet of nylon netting flat in the bottom onto plastic sheeting over a table. Then, holding the silk in one hand, , gently tease away a tuft of fibres using your other hand. You will need to be holding the silk about 20cms from the end in order to allow the fibres to pull free from the silk. The larger the amount you ‘grab’ from the end of the silk, the thicker the tuft will be. (This will effect the final thickness of the paper so if you want thin paper, only tease away fine tufts from the silk.)

Lay the fibres on top of the net running lengthwise from top to bottom, leaving a 3cm margin all around the edges.( like tiling a roof) Keep pulling out tufts from the end of the silk and laying them down until the net is completely covered and the fibres overlap enough that there are no visible holes (Unless you want holes!). Lay another layer of fibre down randomly over the first. Two layers are sufficient for paper making. More layers will make the paper thicker.

At this stage you may wish to add some decorative elements to the paper. An example of things that could be added are snippets of threads- machine and embroidery, fabrics, glitter, dried petals and gilding flakes. Apply these now by sprinkling them over the top of the silk fibres.

Lay the second sheet of net over the silk to make a ‘sandwich’ and pour the warm washing up mixture over your ‘sandwich’ . At this stage it is important to wet all of the fibres so they will ‘take up’ the adhesive when it is applied. To help this process, roll the ‘sandwich’ with a rolling pin until it appears the fibres are all wet. Carefully turn the ‘sandwich’ over and roll the other side. At this stage you may detect holes in the paper, simply remove one side of the netting and press more fibres over the thin area, replace the net and roll down.

With a clean sponge, dab over the surface picking up excess water so the ‘sandwich’ is now damp but not soggy. Pour your adhesive solution on to your paper and roll the adhesive solution all over the ‘sandwich’, working the solution into the layers. Turn it over and repeat. You must wash your roller clean immediately to prevent adhesive from sticking to it. When you are sure the fibres have been penetrated by the adhesive, lift the ‘sandwich’ and hold it up to let the adhesive drain off. This can be poured back into the adhesive container for use again later.

Keeping the net in place, hang the paper on the line or clothes horse to further drain and dry.

When completely dry, carefully peel off the two layers of net and iron the paper. Use a silk setting on your iron.

You have made silk paper!

The adhesive can be stored in a bottle for weeks if sealed . Atelier acrylic gloss medium and varnish is non toxic and can be washed off your hands and work surface with soap and water. Other mediums suitable for paper making include Jo Sonja Textile Medium and Liquitex. Please keep adhesive out of reach of children.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where I have been.

Sorry for no posts. I took the girls to Indented Heads for a couple of days to stay with my Dad in a holiday house there. COLD! We wore all our socks to bed. Anyway, it was peaceful and it's always good to get away, makes you appreciate coming home. Now I'm home though, it's back into the swing of things. More dyeing and packaging to be done.This hat was knitted by my friend Nadine out of the Wintergreen / Winterwood colourway in the Angora rabbit. I is soooo soft. Nadine and I have decided we are now wool snobs. We turn our noses up at any yarn that isn't this soft.
Nadine has now opened her etsy shop after much nagging from me and is using the same model I use. The Blond is much nicer when posing for Nadine.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Eye Candy

This beautiful wrap is by Zedster who generously includes tutorials on her blog.

Photos are small but follow the link.

This is work by Aileen Clarke

I've joined a few flickr groups lately and have found these two interesting people you might like to visit. I know this bead is felt but it reminds me of lollies!