Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough is enough

Colettesheart shop on etsy. Ilove this!

This brooch is by Hen's Teeth. She has just opened a store in the U.K, lucky Brits.
Ok, this is silly. I seem to have caught a 'mancold'. Still sick and blogging from my bed. The Blond is cleaning the kitchen for me- being the only member of the family not currently down with the bug. Husband is kidding himself that he will be well enough to fly back to work tomorrow, little blond hopefully will finally make it back to school after being sick for 3 weeks, and the Brunette wont come home to visit until the 'centre for disease control' deems us safe and out of quarantine.
I am desperate to get creating but as always I think you work full on for a while and as soon as the pressure is off, you fall in a heap. Anyway, thinking of Dale and Ian working hard in Perth at the show this weekend and am glad it's not me. So, some pics of what other people are doing at the moment- as always, I LOVE FLICKR!


  1. It is awful, and every one seems to get it a bit differently. Mine lasted 2 weeks until I got some antibiotics, but then I may have been almost over it.
    Love the hearts, keep going back and making them.

  2. I hope you all feel much better very soon...sounds bloomin' horrible. Thank you for featuring the brooch...very kind. Best wishes from Blighty. x