Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In love with Colour.

I have been dyeing new silk carrier rods which are thicker and firmer than the old ones I had. I get them from Dale and they take dye really well. Now that they are not so labour intensive I have decided that I really should start using them, so have a look back over the next week or so.
A note to self- silver or grey when mixed with red just makes PINK! You would think I would know this but last night I managed to felt a bag using Poppy and instead of keeping the silver separate from the red, I just blended them all so well- I NOW HAVE PINK!!!!!
Nadine and her husband Mark attempted to cheer me with the words- (pause) is a lovely pink......
I'm not proud, I'll take a pic and put it up, just have to finish banging my head in the door.


  1. Jacinta, these colours are just beautiful. No wonder you are in love with colour. Now, as to the PINK, it probably is a very lovely shade of PINK, and what is wrong with PINK.......LOL... I am betting you won't make that mix again!!!

  2. Those carrier rods are gorgeous. Are you sending them ack to Dale? I am sure you will find someone who wants to buy your pink - won't you? Cheers, Robin