Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where did all my photos go?

Went camping to Lake Eildon and found this burnt out wreck. So Nadine laid fabric on the parts of the wreck that were rusty and patterned and we covered them over with wet pine needles and dirt. Next day, down I go, get Belle to clamber over the car pulling out the fabric and photograph all the pieces. Somewhere between here and there, the photos fell off my sd card. The only photo there was of the car. Hope Nadine's photos worked out. If so, I'll put them up asap. She also boiled up eucalyptus leaves and silk, can't wait to see them.


  1. Oh boy, the things you do in the name of art Jacinta! Hope Nadine has a few more photos to show us too. Cheers

  2. Funny how dying with rust changes our perspective of it from "destroyer of metal" to "creator of fabric art" . I hope the photos show up, I love looking at nature's like a photo-negative of nature itself .