Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wisteria and Colour Conjuring.

Wisteria - the last of it off my back veranda.

My trusty spoon- I have never used any other spoon when mixing dye. I don't know how I will cope when it finally wears out, trying out colour combination's on scrap wool.
The 'booby trap spider', I work outside in a shed open to the elements. I share my space with spiders, bush mice, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, blue tongue lizards, skinks and unfortunately the occasional brown snake. I don't mind the spiders, I hate the snakes.

My dye. only use KraftKolour dyes. The absolute best and easiest to use. I wouldn't be able to get near the amount of colours I get without this fantastic product.
This is a cool purple. I start with a little of this, 1/4 strength and use some plum to pink it up.

Silk Merino in Wisteria.

Mulberry Silk.


When I looked at the Wisteria I found several light shades, so in this there is the dark mauve, pink mauve, lighter shades of both, and just a subtle tint.
If you want to try dyeing, I can recommend the following colours as a great start.
Opal (turquoise)
Wattle (yellow)
Wild Raspberry (deep pink)
Wallaby (brown)
Mustard (gold)
Grevillea (pinkish red)
Waratah (brownish red)
Currawong (black)
Cyclamin (warm purple)
Marine (blue)
Moss (olive)
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  2. Oh God! Such a beauty!
    I am lucky, because I came in time to grab this splendour!! :)

    It should be not boring to you to work in such a nice company (spiders, flies, mosquitoes...brr)!? :)

  3. Wow! Wisteria is my absolute favourite, and you have captured it perfectly!

  4. bit yummy and yes please and i presume we have all of those landscapes....

  5. That colour is just fabulous Jacinta. Wisteria and Jacaranda are my favourite colours. You've certainly captured the 'mood' well. Thank you too for sharing the good oil with we mere mortals of the dyeing world............