Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Felt a Bracelet

I was going to put this on etsy free but you have to charge a listing price. So, here it is on the blog. No pics I'm afraid, but if I can get one done, I'll take some pics and put them up.Felt Bracelet Instructions

Set up your work area by placing a sheet of bubble wrap bubble side up on a table covered with a towel. Fill a bowl with warm water and have a cake of soap at the ready. There is enough fleece in this kit for you to make one large bracelet or three smaller ones (thinner).

Measure the hand’s closed palm to find the circumference, you will need the finished bracelet to slip on and off. Because merino fibres shrink to form felt, you will need to add 30% to the circumference.
For example, if your closed palm measures 21cms around, add a third (7cms) to the 20cms.
You would need to pull a strip of fibre from the wool 27cms long. During the felting, the bracelet will shrink back to 20cms.

To find the correct diameter of your bracelet (the look you most like) twist the length of fibres tightly to see how wide it will become when felted. If you want thicker, add some more fibre along the length.

Holding the roll by the ends, dip it briefly into a bowl of warm soapy water and lay it onto your bubble wrap. Leave the ends dry. Roll very lightly and gently the entire length, backwards and forwards.
You can also roll a section at a time between your hands. Think of how you would roll pastry or play doh into a sausage. Do this for a few minutes until a ‘skin’ forms on the outside of the roll. (matting)
Now lay the dryish ends together overlapping to form the loop, hold it together and submerge into water. Now gently roll joining section between you hands. If a crease form or it feels thinner than the rest of the bracelet you can add some more fibre, winding it around the join to support it and blend it in.

After rolling it for a couple of minutes, place the bracelet onto the bubble wrap and using a circular motion rub your hand around and around over the surface. Keep adding soapy water to keep it wet. Turn it over and do the other side.

Now stand it up and rub the inside of the bracelet all around. Keep doing this until the bracelet has shrunk to the desired width.
Rinse the bracelet out in hot water and place around a drinking glass to stand it to dry in shape.
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  1. This is magic, cant wait to have time to try and make one.

  2. I will necessarily try to make a bracelet too!
    Great and so cheerful collection!
    Thank you, Jacinta!

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