Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So, a very patient customer asked for a colourway based on Avatar the movie. After much pondering and procrastination it is dyed. The light is sooo bright here in Melbourne today so it looks lighter than it is, and the greenish blue is barely visible. I'll photograph it inside when it is dry.
The girls have finished school for the year!!!!! Too early for me, I'm still in the shed with the mice and spiders cackling over my cauldron.


  1. Jacinta, what a glorious colourway. I am sure as always your colours are true to 'commission'. Hope the weather hasn't been hampering your dyeing down there. This time next year we won't be able to buy a cloud!! Hope the holidays are fun for you all, and you have a safe Christmas. Much joy too I wish for you in 2011. Thank you for sharing so much of your productivity, it is inspiring.

  2. Oh, thanks huge, dear Jacinta! You are the genius! I wait impatiently for receiving it! :)