Thursday, December 16, 2010

I take all the credit!

My baby girl passed her final year at uni and has a "Baaaaaa" after her name! ( You must make the sound of a sheep when saying this) Madelen successfully completed her course in International Development and the parental units are very proud. Well, we already were anyway but if she is going to keep giving me reasons to show off to the world, who am I to say no? Lots of love and air kisses to you Mad! ( she doesn't like her parent's kisses)


  1. Well done to Madelen from me, a mother who is herself prepared to take the credit for the three offsprings' achievements........LOL........ Hope a job to her liking will be along presently. Merry Christmas to all in your household, and may 2011 bring everything you hope for.

  2. Well done to Madelen and of course to her ever so clever Maaa - as in Baaa.....