Monday, December 27, 2010


Santa with toilet paper for a beard.

Introducing Butterball!

Just the thing to keep your neck warm while playing on the interwebs...

Or keeping in your t shirt...(Doesn't she look tired? Not getting enough sleep Madelen...)

Or in the doll's house?

And here he is. Sooooo cute!
Christmas was the usual overeating, over spending it usually is, but I really am so lucky to have my husband and girls to spend the day with. Belle of course was up early. She rang Madelen to tell her to hurry up and come home so she could open her presents ( Belle that is). Girls are not allowed to open presents until we are all in the lounge with coffee. It's been hilarious over the years to what lengths they would go to to get us up. Not one child has ever worked it out that if they made the coffee,we would get up in an instant. I hope that each of you had a lovely day with enough warmth in the Northern hemisphere for family to make it home.


  1. Oh so tiny!!! Such sweetie!
    Warm and lovely gift from Santa for all your family :)
    Happy New Year, dear Jacinta!

  2. Butterball looks sooooooo cute, will keep you amused for hours I have no doubt. Happy New Year to you, hope the temperature is just right and not too much rain - we have yet more forecast. Cheers, Robin