Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring is on the way!

Finally some better pictures of my bag, made from Stonehaven, black doiley, polyester shirt.....

This is the jumper dyed the other day.

Not planning on wearing it, shame really because it's a 'Country Road' one from the op shop.

These are the baby chicks from a week or so ago, luckily haven't lost any, but wow- they can eat!

Rotten snails!!!!


  1. Jacinta, love that bag!!! I am also very keen on the colours of the sweater, and can see it looking just great under my navy blazer, so any time you feel like sending it up, that will be fine by me..........LOL....... Hope the chicks are doing well. Perhaps in time they'll take care of the snails.

  2. Hello, Jacinta! Such a beautiful bag! Love this colours!
    I am sorry, what is the " op shop"? Is it online shop?