Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Out of the comfort zone.

Willow likes my new colour done for The Thread Studio- Glacier.
Sorry about the cat hair with your wool Dale.

Vessels by Amalana Felt

I don't like pink but I love this necklace!

Stitched pieces Cecile Meraglia

I have been pondering for a while on which direction my work and creativity will go when I finally get back into the studio. I know what catches my eye and I figure the best way to approach it is to just play first. I have collected so much stuff over the years, paint, oil bars, gold leaf, hand dyed fibres, textiles, beads, buttons, tools, found objects, stamps, stencils- you get the picture. So, tomorrow is day one of play. Why write about it? It's a commitment! No procrastination allowed because I figure several of you will be pinging emails my way if I do. I'll take pics along the way, that way hopefully i'll stay focused.
Just received the two new stamps from The Thread Studio. I think that will be the toys for tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some pics from other artists who catch my eye.

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