Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dust Bunnies

My studio! A disaster. I threw so much stuff in there the last few weeks since moving out of the outside studio that I don't know where anything is. So, after receiving Julie Arkell's book from Loop and how she has organised her studio, I feel inspired. This is the before shot. I'll keep you posted, or not depending if I succeed. Ha Ha.

Bella and Uki, believe it or not, the rabbit loves the attention.

Gone from under my bed! Having taken the week to get over my cold I decided that our room needed a clean. I found presents I had bought last year for Christmas that I thought I had lost! A set of earrings for my aunt, fabric and yarn for my daughter's sewing kit.....And a flock of dust bunnies with their own economy, democracy and city under my bed. I can't remember the last time I vacuumed all the way under there. Probably the last time that I was sure if I bent down that far- I would be able to get up again without calling the fire brigade. I've decided that being organized might reduce the stress levels in this house. We will see. I'll give it a go.
Finally I have managed to replace the hand bag I have used for the last year. I bought it for .70cents at the local op shop and it's been good but too large. So the photos are of the bag that I spoke about making a few weeks ago that I turned pink by my daft mixing of fibres. It's just waiting for it's handle to be stitched on.

And lastly- my thoughts and sympathy to Marina in Moscow who is enduring what Victorians did on black Saturday. The fires in Russia have created noxious smoke now blanketing Moscow and I hope that she and her family are ok.


  1. Hello, dear Jacinta!
    Many thanks for sympathy! A situation in Moscow is really heavy, but everyone hope, that it will soon end..
    Very interesting bag, is pleasant to me the effect from a Metallic Lace and Dyed Doiley.
    Bella - simply angel! The wonderful child!
    With warm wishes,

  2. Well, now you know there was a reason you made the mistake with the felt - the bag is gorgeous. I hope you are quite over the flu and that you have sorted your studio - I bet that only works for a week at the most!! Cheers, Robin

  3. Robin your so right, but sorting this mess will be a month long commitment! So glad to hear from you Marina!