Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grey days in Melbourne

Belle pretending to eat the wrap that I was heating in the microwave. After a while of felting or rolling, it gets cold pretty quick so I shove it into the microwave. It's probably more tasty than what I could cook! Rae is taking photos of it for me now it's finished. The wrap, not the microwave....

It's been grey and overcast the last few days, and I miss the sunlight. So it was back to the dyeing shed to dye the colours of a Melbourne winter. It's called Pilgram by Madelen who is pretty pleased she came up with the name.
I usually don't go for blogs that are all of people's pets, but I really had to include a pic of Bella's bunny Uki.


  1. Hi Jacinta, love the new colour, it's exquisite, even if it conjures up dreary times for you [sorry your weather is awful]. I love the pet photos, and your 'dinner guest'.....LOL....... I am still really apprehensive about 'family photos', as my lot are camera shy!!! Good on you for doing such messy stuff in this weather!!!

  2. Thanks Linda, and Dale, Madelen scares me so I can't change the name! It's winging it's way to you.

  3. Gorgeous colours, especially the wrap on Belle's plate. Cheers, Robin