Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bracelet Fun

This is the cutest owl needle felted by my friend Win. Bri wont part with it. So now, I'll have to do a trade with Win to keep the peace in the house. For a 'grownup nearly 16 young lady' she still has plenty of kid in her. I meant Bri of course, but well, if you knew Win....

Rae gave me a heap of old bracelets, so I have begun playing with them. These two I wrapped with my merino and felted. I'm pretty happy. I think I shall do more!

A new colour way yesterday before the freezing cold scared me out of the shed too. I think I'll call it Persian Carpet. Still enjoying the rabbit. If only I could knit to a pattern, I would make a hat, and how would socks be in angora? I'll have to stand on Uki to find out, just kidding.


  1. No wonder Bri won't part with the owl, she is gorgeous. The bracelets are pretty cool too. Don't fancy socks in angora though. cheers, Robin

  2. I am liking your bracelets..and the new colorway..persian carpet - a good name..if Uki is the partly pink cat..somehow I don't think he'd like that much.. The owl your friend made is quite adorable..

  3. Thanks! We love the owl, he is on an extended visit.

  4. wonderful colourways Jacinta - just back from lovely warm and relaxing Broome