Saturday, June 12, 2010

I bought myself a present!

I joined a felt/ filz flickr group so I now have morning coffee whilst browsing the new photos put up each day of other's felting projects. Marina put up a photo of a new scarf and I POUNCED! Soooo my colours and I love the texture. Besides that- all Melbounians would agree it's been freezing here! ( Ok, not freezing as in actual freezing but rotten cold anyway) No, I definitely need a new scarf. I have my old favorite red one Rae bought me, but it's an all weather scarf, not ' I'm freezing my bum off' scarf. So these are the pics
My next post will be what this is turning into. 3metres of Rae's muslin and about 100 grams of a 'one of 'slushie I've been hoarding. I think it took three hours to lay out.
Next pic is another felted bracelet in Federation colour way.

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  1. Gorgeous scarf Jacinta. I hope there is no wind anywhere near where you are laying out that slushie, looks lovely now, can't wait to see the finished piece. Cheers, Robin