Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Ready

Getting ready to send stock away with Rae. She is on her way to Rockhampton leaving Sunday. My house looks like a bomb of textiles has gone off. I have batts, laps, wool, silk, beads, yarns......Drying on anything that stays still long enough to be a clothes horse. It was dark yesterday that none of my photos of scarves came out. So, it's outside soon to try again. Bri liked my flower, and I loved the scarf made from Pilgram, The circes are old blanketing.
This is a scarf made from Persian carpet.


  1. Ooh, and I had to choose Brisbane or Rockhampton, so I won't get to see them - or are you going to make some more in Brisbane? They look lovely. Cheers, Robin

  2. Dear Robin,
    I'll be in Brisbane demo-ing at the stand next to the Thread Studio, come and say Hi.

  3. Love the scarf Jacinta. So envious of you Robin. I'll be a stone's throw away in Ispwich, so I'll wave and sigh wistfully thinking of you having all that fun. Hope Dale manages to get packed and away today....... Have a great time. I just adore this colour, Persian Carpet!!