Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photos and Silk

Some of Rae's silk string I've put on etsy.

Silk string in Victorian Rose.

7mm Federation silk Ribbon

Byzantium in 2mm silk ribbon.

New Cat About The House Henry.

Susant with a silk lap he dyed in Byzantium.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finally getting around to photographing Rae's left over stock for the etsy store. There is so much! I keep wanting to ask her stuff like "Whay colours did you mix up for this colourway"? Or "Don't you think 50 bags of unlabled thread is a little too enthusiastic"? Talk about preparing for a rainy day....
Carnivale silk velvet, 50cm by 50cm. I haven't attempted to dye it for TheThreadStudio yet, I guess I'm afraid of not being able to live up to Rae's standard. I can hear her telling me not to be ridiculous.
Stonehaven in Rae's signiture cotton gauze. Rae had this stuff manufactured to her own specs somewhere in China.

4mm Persian Bazaar silk ribbon.
Introducing A Boy Named Suze. Well, Susant actually. My eldest girl Madelen's partner. "Is there anything I can do to help"? he asked. WAH HA HAA, I laughed and sent him to the shed where he has promptly and with serious talent started to dye his little heart out. None of my girls may be drawn to the 'colour side, (Star Wars reference, sorry.) but I intend on leaving a colourful legacy through their partners. Here he is with a silk lap dyed for Dale of The Thread Studio.
Rae, which green is this????

I'm guessing but it could be Arabian Nights....

Got this one! Rivergum
Victorian Rose

So, me and my gloved finger in the process of dyeing a hankie, silk hankie not that other kind...

What dyes do I use? KraftKolour of course. I've used every brand dye available, there is none more vibrant or stable on the market anywhere. I wrote an article on how to dye using KraftKolour acid dyes for the new e-magazine produced by The Thread Studio, follow the link if you are interested in subscribing.

Here I am with the newest Uni student in the family Brianna. She passed VCE and got into Creative Writing at Deakin University so is currently earning her non alcohlic drinking money by dyeing merino and slushie for Dale in the freezing cold shed during a Victorian winter. No heating! OH MY GOODNESS, this is what Mum has been doing for the last 8 years to earn my school fees sympathised Brianna? oh wait, sorry, that was a dream, really it went more like this...."OMG DUDE, Wheres the heater, air conditioner, mini bar, cleaner, lunch, helper, what do you mean I should start before lunch, what about my sleep in"? Thank God Brianna doesn't subscribe to the blog....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The funeral for Rae Cummings will be held at 10am on Tuesday, March 26 at Ashton Manner in Diamond Creek.

Ashton Manor
49-55 Main Street, Diamond Creek Victoria 3089
03 9438 1910
Melways Reference 11 K6
Husband Frank, sons Blair, Tarin and Perry welcome all to attend this celebration of Rae's life. Tea and Coffee will be available proceeding the event. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Passing Of Light

Our friend Rae passed away last night, peacefully, with her boys and husband at her side.
Thanks for the comments which I am passing along to Frank, Blair, Tarin and Perry. As soon as arrangements are made, I will post here. I know there are many more people around Australia who will keenly feel the loss and miss Rae's company and "awesomeness" ( eldest daughter' s description) Apt description I think. I couldn't find a better word.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sad News

I have sad news to impart. My friend and partner Rae is in the final stages of lung cancer. It has been a tough battle since diagnosis a few short months ago. The illness has been rapid and aggressive leaving Rae little time to let people from the textile world know. She is been cared for at Warringal Private Hospital, Melbourne but anyone who wishes to send cards can do so via Warringal or my address. Po Box 277, Warrandyte, Melbourne.3113.
I will update this blog as her condition as needed.
Rae's husband Frank, and children Perry and Blair are with her daily, Tarin is coming back from a working holiday in Canada. Rae is receiving wonderful care from her oncologist Dr White and the nursing staff at the hospital. She is been kept comfortable at all times and although sad, she is, of course,  taking it with her characteric fortitude and resilience.
I'm guessing that this post probably explains my lack of previous posts for the last few months, Rae was always the engine behind our partnership not to mention my closest friend and surrogate nan to my girls.
I know for sure Rae would encourage all of her friends and acquaintances to make the most of now, as she has, don't wait for sometime in the future to live the dream. Take the trip, go out for lunch, make that call, make time for those you love, be supportive and encouraging to your friends and family and answer the question "should I" with HELL YES!