Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The funeral for Rae Cummings will be held at 10am on Tuesday, March 26 at Ashton Manner in Diamond Creek.

Ashton Manor
49-55 Main Street, Diamond Creek Victoria 3089
03 9438 1910
Melways Reference 11 K6
Husband Frank, sons Blair, Tarin and Perry welcome all to attend this celebration of Rae's life. Tea and Coffee will be available proceeding the event. 

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  1. So crushingly sad to hear about Rae...I didn't even know her but loved poring over the items in her shop on Etsy....I always felt we were kindred sprits...

    Today I went to look for something I just knew she would have and found the empty page with the Etsy notification that "the shop is closed due to owner being on vacation"
    ...which is probably the only thing that could be done with Etsy's existing tools.
    I'm assuming it was you Jacinta, so thank you for explaining and telling us about this beautiful person who is now pure spirit...

    Since I had begun following her/shop i would periodically see her new items in my activity feed. It seems like sometime recently, I realized that I hadn't seen anything from Rae in a while...another reason I went to her shop...
    Sending peace to her family and you, her dear friend and partner...
    Elle at Forest and Shore Natural Designs on Etsy