Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping on the Interwebs...

I hate shopping. i hate leaving the house, getting into a hot car (sorry people in winter climates) driving through crazy traffic, finding a park I wont forget ( Melbourne has a lot of shopping malls and hundreds of acres of car parking to lose your car in), battling around other shoppers, entering shops that have prices that clearly are marked up in preparation for xmas, xmas carols playing over the top of others, frantic mothers, whining over hyped kids, spaced out teens, out of their depth husbands..... Oh, I've just hyperventilated thinking about it.
So, my aim this year is to get almost everything delivered to my post box and let my fingers do the typing. So far so good, can't let to much out of the bag, but husband and girls have all written to Santa and what he isn't bringing, the post man is.
I seem to have been blessed with geeky kids, including the 21 year old. It makes it fun shopping online. I could never find these things in any shopping mall but I have been to and had a blast. What I really need though, is a life size Stargate wall decal for Madelen. Still looking. Did the book shopping online, for those of you in Oz, visit because it ended up cheaper than Amazon. Hard to find books though I always go there. is good for books and games. For my friends, it's dead easy. Etsy of course. However, thanks to Hensteeth, all I did today was shop for me. I bought this fantastic needle holder for me- hoping I might have them in this instead of husband's foot. And then, checking out her favorites, she sent me to a vintage supplier ( Penelopes Linen Loft who had these very lonely buttons clearly needing a new home.....Dale if your reading this, visit thinkgeek for your sons....
I'm just going to email Thethreadstudio catalog to my husband and hope he gets the picture...


  1. Oh, Jacinta, I so understand you!
    I hate shopping too, so, some last years I shop only through the Internet:)
    Absolutely beautiful needle holders!
    I hope all your purchases will arrive in time!

  2. thankyou Jacinta and to think I was going to get ready to go out shopping which hate too. i have been to think geek and book marked it. Much better idea - for someone who does shop online you think I would know better. Have Kazuko all sorted though....