Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Treasures for Christmas.

This little treasure was in my post box today! all the way from Russia. It's a lacquered miniature box painted with tempera and tinsel. And inside.....


Thank you so much Marina.

This is a closeup of velvet felted.

3 books received for Christmas.
This page is from the Art of Embroidery.

This is from The Garden of Eden

This is from the book Bark. So many colour combination's, so little time....

Bella's treasure from Marina, we put it next to Butterball to give you an idea of how small he is.

It's out to the shed for me to dye more flimsies for Dale.


  1. What wonderful and inspiring books! Really, how to find a way to add some hours by our day!?
    Jacinta, such a magnificent texture at velvet felted! I didn't expect! Looks like astrakhan fur (Karakul).
    Oh, Butterball is even less, than I thought, it simply tiniest!
    Sweet baby:)

  2. How can you bear to tear yourself away from those gorgeous books? But then, the flimsies are gorgeous for us to purchase.........the velvet is beautiful. Happy New Year from Robin

  3. yummy Jacinta - the Arts of are great books - I think I have 3 now and love browsing through them. i got a Morroccan cook book for Christmas....
    Happy New Year

  4. you know what they say about great minds? I gave Frank "Bark" for Christmas so that I could look at it as well!!! I think he gave me a wonderful book on Andalusia for the same reason.