Monday, December 20, 2010


I slipped when I was at the vets today picking up Madelen's new kitten. I accidentally brought home a kitten for me too. Sigh......
So now we have another one and my darling Willow is already not speaking to me. (remember the cat I accidentally dyed at the start of the year?) Oh well, kids are happy. Will take photos tomorrow. Name is Butterball. I think I need to dye it-the name not the kitten! Ginger through to soft, milky butter.....


  1. Wow! Great news, Jacinta!
    I think the Willow will forgive you after a while!
    Ginger through to soft, milky butter..... i think it must be really hit! :)

  2. Kittens are made to be irresistible...that's how they lure us in to be their life long slaves...very clever . Can't wait to see the new family members .