Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seamless Paris Tunic

Close up of embroidered voile. I left the decorative wide hem in.

Could not get good light to take clearer photos but I'm happy with it. Did it with the Paris colourway using pieces of a cotton voile table cloth that was embroidered, vintage doiley, mulberry silk, dyed cotton muslin from Rae and of course, my wool. It doesn't fit Bri so well, she is 2 sizes smaller than me, but gosh she is a good model

Sorry- loaded all the photos in the wrong order of course. This one above is of the seam which I am about to rub out.

The voile.

The not very helpful assistant

Wet and rolled a few times.

it is reversible, Bri and I both prefer the front that doesn't have the large voile piece. I think this is a pic of the front we like before I start felting.

I hate sewing garments and seams, so I like the idea of making a whole garment without sewing.

This is the top I was inspired by. I drew around it free hand and added a BIG hem so I could get most of my shrinkage by rolling the length rather than width.
2/3 of the way through, I spun out the excess water and tried it on so I could hand shape the garment to fit bust size 44 inches.
That's why it doesn't sit well enough on Bri. i like the flared bottom, hides a multitude of sins.


  1. It is a nice piece with multi-materials. Love the color.

  2. That is drop dead gorgeous - the colours are so subtle. You are a clever lady. Cheers

  3. Thanks ladies, Robin- you are not to blown away and wet?

  4. Oh, beautiful and so gentle tunic! I love colours and cotton voile looks great!
    )) Sweet assistant

  5. So where is my Paris stuff? It looks wonderful......