Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another day, another colour

This photograph was taken by Etsian Wolfyphotography Rae sent it to me. Had no idea rocks were this colour, so of course it inspired a dye job. I don't think I quite got it, but I don't mind trying again.

Not this week though. Rae is off to Halls Gap for the annual Fibre thing they have up there and I am up to my ears in packaging. (Well, up to my ears thinking about it) You don't want to rush into anything.

Best wishes to Dale and Ian from The Thread Studio, their family is safe in Christchurch but they have extensive damage to their homes. Thoughts to to our farmers in the north of Victoria- their farms are still under water.


  1. Great colours Jacinta, love them all, and they look a good likeness on my monitor. Have a great time at the 'Fibre Thing'.

  2. thanks Jacinta - i like that colour - just needz a touch of the lichen green - it looks like an ethereal lace - just what one needs for an overlay - in fact I could do something with it.....