Monday, February 7, 2011

Gee Bend Inspiration

Covered an old painting by a child( -gosh I am a bad mother) with Gesso. Sketched general shapes, followed light, medium and darks.

Blocking in colour to see how my choices work.

Naples yellow is my favorite yellow.

You can see the splodge from beneath (original painting) is hard to cover.


Finished! Yay.

Completed painting. I told my husband it was an elephant eating a banana. He isn't much for abstract, poor love.

Inspiration for the painting was a quilt by a resident of Gee Bend, Alabama, USA made from mattress ticking, denim and old work clothes. They colours remind me of Boro- Japanese patchwork of sorts. Same kind of blues and browns. Anyway, the colours and pattern I borrowed from a children's storybook illustrated by Muriel Kerba.
This was painted as part of an online class I am doing called Get Your Paint on.
More about that next post.


  1. WOW Jacinta! It is just stunning!
    I love your colours choice and I very much love the details!
    And I want to know more about this online class.

  2. Marina, you can still join up. Go to
    And sign up for the 5 week painting course. There is a flickr group and facebook group too. Your English is great and I know it would not be an impediment. It's called Get Your Paint on.

  3. As I said in the flickr group... this is amazing! Really interesting to see your process and your influences. The story book looks very interesting too (I love kids books).

  4. Really great, thoughtful work. Very good colors and composition, I'm thrilled!

  5. Would you consider selling this piece? I am completely besotted by it and have to ask. :)