Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where I have been.

Sorry for no posts. I took the girls to Indented Heads for a couple of days to stay with my Dad in a holiday house there. COLD! We wore all our socks to bed. Anyway, it was peaceful and it's always good to get away, makes you appreciate coming home. Now I'm home though, it's back into the swing of things. More dyeing and packaging to be done.This hat was knitted by my friend Nadine out of the Wintergreen / Winterwood colourway in the Angora rabbit. I is soooo soft. Nadine and I have decided we are now wool snobs. We turn our noses up at any yarn that isn't this soft.
Nadine has now opened her etsy shop after much nagging from me and is using the same model I use. The Blond is much nicer when posing for Nadine.


  1. Hello dear Jacinta!
    Such great photos and oh so beautiful your new colourways!
    Ha-ha I am wool snobs too I turn my noses up at any wool that isn't so soft and beautiful like yours :)

  2. Lovely photos Jacinta, sounds like you enjoyed the holiday despite the cold! Cheers, Robin