Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spiraldyed Downunder

Finally! My first blog. This is an informal yack about all things textile and my part of the world. I will post photos and info about workshops, what I am working on, other artists information and respond to questions.
Today is the day to finish a plushie I have been making for my daughter Brianna to give to her friend Mya for Christmas. Bri decided that her four closest friends needed personalized presents. I like that idea, so she has designed the doll and I am the mug making it. Iona is to receive a journal, Matisse is a piece of jewellery and Sophie loves corn? An American lollie I think. Another plushie.
Any way, photos will be forthcoming.
On another note, I started this blog partly because I was at the Rose Street Market last Saturday and was blown away by the talent there and variety of handmade items. I just wanted to rave about it and encourage anyone to seek it out. It is open both Saturdays and Sundays. Try the little on site cafe too, the owner's mum makes the food so its homemade not factory bought and divine. Damn good coffee too.
First photo successfully published is a felted bracelet embroidered and embellished with an antique button.

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