Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Drawer

Saturday morning- Oh My God- you have a birthday party to go to and no present?????
You'll get a scarf done in time won't you Mum? She likes rainbow....

No problem, I didn't want a lie in, breakfast, coffee or to read the paper....

Yes, I got it done and the flowers stayed put too. Created a fringe but didn't have time to take a photo- wrapped it up slightly damp.

Here is my friend Win in the main shop part of Open Drawer. Newly opened at 1158 Toorak Rd, Camberwell in Melbourne, this shop and gallery space brings together textile art supplies with the finished pieces from Australia's well known textile artists. Work to make you gasp from Pam Hovel, Catherine O'Leary and many other well known names were to die for. Robyn, who together with Prue have given this business some thought. Upstairs there are two gallery rooms showcasing different artist's work. The gallery is available for submissions and is a fantastic, well lit space. Downstairs is the show room and shop area where you can purchase felting batts, wool, silk and fabrics for felting. Towards the back there is a room for 'stitching and bitching' (sorry) and two classrooms purposely fitted out with sewing machines and high tables for felting. I thought I was in textile heaven. Anyway, support it Melbourne girls because it's a lovely place. I bought porcelain buttons for some of my pieces still in my head- had better get making.

Robyn playing shopkeeper.

Supplies downstairs....Prue in doorway.

Gallery upstairs.
Win admiring and saying..." I'll have that one and that one and that one.."

My Bella along for the snacks and to admire....
I had to buy her a button too, what for? I don't know- she is as hopeless as I am. I LOVE BUTTONS.

You can ring Open Drawer on 03 98897227 or visit Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 9.30-5.30 and Sat and Sun 10-4. Ummm, next month they are hosting a exhibition of pieces by tutors (moi included) and giving demonstrations. I don't know when, will post when I know.


  1. looks great - hope they do well - my emails to you are bouncing- says you are on a black list - suppose that is better than a red list?

  2. Rainbow scarf is so beautiful and makes one cheerful.

  3. The scarf looks great - I do wish I was closer to Melbourne to try out the shop. Cheers, Robin