Monday, March 22, 2010

Carla Sonheim- Inspirational Artist

Drawing class with Carla Sonheim.

My beautiful eldest girl Madelen. The next photo taken is of the 'evil stare' that you get for taking photos at all.
Time to remind her of how many hours labour it took.....

So, I can draw but do I enjoy it? NO. It's tedious and crushes your self esteem. I have been looking forward to another book being released about drawing in the hopes that someday I would actually enjoy the process. I have a few already but .... Anyway, I read Carla Sonheim's blog and have pre ordered her book but was delighted to find that she is offering an online class starting April first which I have signed up for. I will encourage my girls to have a go too. Here is where to visit if you are interested. Do yourself a favour and check out her lovely, funny illustrations. I am off to pick up the eldest girl from uni for a visit home. That's if my big, proud head can fit in the car. Madelen, but we call her Mad....for reasons you can guess.

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