Friday, November 26, 2010

Rain, heat, Rain, heat, rain.....

The blonde on the left is Bri, the red head is her best friend Sophie.

She had a gorgeous red tulle petticoat- very rockabilly!

Royal Shiraz batt drying- or trying to, sending it to The Thread Studio Monday.

No room for clothes on the line!

Mmmm, yum. A bunch of silk rods drying for dinner.
We had pizza instead.

It's been a wet spring in Warrandyte. It's so hard to get the wool and silk dry. I dye it in the morning, put it out on the line in the afternoon, go to bring it in and it rains just before I get it. Well, at least it's well rinsed.
Big week, Belle's first school camp, tents and all. None of that cabin camping other schools do. Bri had her formal and I have the photos that prove she has legs. Most people had never seen her in a dress.


  1. WOW! Bri looks all growed up, I have never seen her in a dress, she looks gorgous. (love the shoes too)

  2. Oh, Jacinta, such a beautiful girl is your Bri!
    Excellent dress too!