Monday, May 23, 2011

Winging it's way to Russia

50/50 cashmere silk blend. Keen to see how this felts up. it's different from the silk merino, not so shiney.

A bit bright in this pic, but a solid blue for a change.

Image from
And one I really like- champagne.

all this dyeing is making me tired....

The wood is a piece from Lake St Clair, Tasmania. Silk yarn and ribbon dyed in Mallee. Piece of silk satin in matching colourway. I really love this colour. Winging it's way to Moscow.

Pic from

Beautiful colours to inspire a new turquoise.
Though, I have to say the rain and lack of light don't make me want to be in the shed.

From for colour inspiration.

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  1. Jacinta, your new colours are very beautiful! Champagne is so delicate..
    Oh, Butterball))) Such a sweet baby!
    I love like the drift wood looks with Malee Gum color!
    Lovely turquoise! Hope the rain will stop soon and you can make it! Bags, I go first in your waiting list! :)