Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cackling Witch

Brianna really likes her music teacher Celeste. She wanted to make something for her birthday so we came up with this. I dyed the silk ciffon scarf with KraftKolour's citrus colour and gave it to Brianna to put rubber bands up and down the length of it to create 'resist' areas. Once that was done, I overdyed it in Wild Raspberry to create the delicious dark fushia colour. Bri says Celeste loved it.

What else have I been up to? Well, Rae is at Halls Gap selling our wares at the annual textile event and so I have been cooking up clothes with the silver leafed eucalyptus we have in Warrandyte. When it's hot, the leaves become more silver and I seem to be able to coax more colour from them. I've put some fabric pieces in the shop today because I have SO MANY ! I didn't relize how much I put in the pots when I'm in the zone.

Also keeping me busy is the small piece I'm stitching at the moment out of the scraps from Venice I sent to TheThreadStudio. I'll post those results hopefully this week.

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