Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trees in Venice

New hand dyed tissue silk scarves in Venice colourway.

What do I do with the left over materials from the Colour Inspiration Venice packs I made for The Thread Studio? Take them camping of course!

I had trees on the brain. I sketched an outline, cut a paper template and very roughly cut out the tree from the vintage blanketing in the pack.

Using pieces of hand dyed fabrics, I began stitching on my patches. The top of the tree is vintage kimono silk.

I decided that I liked the bush area only randomly covered in stab stitch so I left some areas free. Close up of the variations in colour using the silk yarn from the pack.

I use washi tape to hold the buttons from the pack in place as I stitch them down.

Not finished yet. have a look back after the weekend and the diorama should be finished. Then I start stitching the brooch I have in mind from more pieces out of the Venice pack. I love this colourway! Pack available from The Thread Studio- but only 20 of them going on sale.


  1. Hi, Jacinta
    This colour much more beautiful in person! So subtle shades..
    Love this mushroom :)

  2. Excellent to see you used your time camping wisely - love the tree!

    1. Can't wait to see the finished piece! Ordered my pack tonight, can't wait for that too, lol. Bethx

  3. Gorgeous colours on the tissue silk!! Your tree is really well thought out, love it. So nice to see your work again Jacinta. Take care.