Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Piece On The Go

Hand dyed woolen blanket, silk sequined fabric, silk chiffon, silk/ rayon velvet and silk dupion, hand dyed of course.
Waiting for stitch, or applique, or stamping or.......
Looks like brains.....

I think I used the colourway Rivendell for the felt part.
Too tired last night to put these photos up. These two pieces are the front and back of a book. People may recognize it from a sample begun in Orange. It worked great but I'm a lover of useful things and felt that a book cover or bag was a way of seeing it more often. Students also might remember me stressing the importance of rolling felt with velvet in it gently, really gently. Once my velvet caught, I popped the felt into the non slip matting recommended by Maris and it felted in a shot.
The piece was photographed on book pages from Shaun Tan's book The Red Tree. He is my favorite illustrator and I find infinite inspiration from the pages of his books. The colours, characters and techniques are amazing.

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  1. Love the variety in this piece, would love to touch it. Colours are wonderful too, so earthy and appealing.