Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Dye Queen is in her parlour, counting her dye.

The phantom husband is away working again. This is a pic to protect his secret identity! So my point is, someone has stepped in to let me know when I am being silly, foolish or disorganized. There is always some one looking out for you.
Here is my helper- you have met her before. Rudely referred to by some as The Pink P- nevermind.

This is the dye queen quality checking Dale's Kimberly Dreaming colour....

This is the queen hoping that I choke on a bone....

And may I trip while going down the stairs.....
So I've decided not to consult her on Rae and my new colourway Wintergreen.

I've decided that these bunch look better in my stash than her shop.

Rae's homework, i love watching others work.


  1. Great photos Jacinta. Just one thing, I definitely think those threads would look so much better living with me........... Wintergreen, what a beautiful shade. I love it, seriously.
    Just love your cat, the expressions are priceless.

  2. have you got my parcel of them all ready to send yet?

  3. I can assure you Dale, Rae is working feverishly! Thanks Linda, I think they might be off to live with a few people.

  4. Hi Jacinta, I have just discovered yourblog again. I love the threads and I love the tutorial for the felted beads in an earlier I just need some spare time. I am coming to watch you in Brisbane, see you there. Cheers, Robin