Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Elephant

I've been enjoying a new blog I have found lately and had to share this image with you. When I teach I often say to students not to try and eat the whole elephant. Meaning of course, just solve the problem or challenge in front of you, don't anticipate because it will stifle your creativity. I LOVE this elephant and encourage you to have a look at this blog.

Finally I have remembered to put up a few images kindly sent to me by Jenny Riley who organized my workshop in Kingston Tasmania a few months ago. Thank you to all, honestly, you blew me away!

Another interesting 'look at' is a book on cd written by Maris Herr called Truly Simple Garments. It is amazing. I failed and failed dressmaking at school to my constant frustration. I would have loved to pursue wearable art years ago but I just couldn't get my head around construction and fitting. Until now. I think Maris had me in mind when she wrote this. The cd's are fantastic value, 64 pages long with oodles of diagrams with fabric being fitted to an artist's dummy so you are left in no doubt about what goes where. Contact Maris at She is also responsible for the Textile info directory that tells you where to get what- all things textile. I'm off to create!


  1. Hi Jacinta, the blog reference doesnt come up. I love that elephant too. Penny