Tuesday, May 18, 2010

French Inspiration

I found this blog (Frenchblue) while I was supposedly working! Lots of beautiful photos of everything I love. The lady also has an online shop which you can visit here. I have borrowed images from her website to show just a bit of the gorgeousness. Anyone who has done a workshop with me will remember my mantra of filling your head with beautiful images and waiting to see what comes of it. If you don't take notice of the world around, you will be an empty vessel when finally you have time to yourself for creating. And I don't mean copying an image you like, I mean taking something away from it- whatever attracted you in the first place, colour, texture, line, object, tone, pattern- and translating that into your work.

Today my camera broke so no pics from me until fixed however I finally managed to overcome my fear of technology and bought a camcorder. I will now be able to video techniques for the blog and tape the kids- when being horrible- to post on youtube. That will learn them.......

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