Sunday, January 30, 2011

And it Rusts!

This is a variety of rusty stuff that I have used on some linen and cotton fabric.

This is 3 days on from when I first wrapped the pristine white linen around the outdoor brazier.

Looks like some ribs to me.

Unwraping the soaking pile of linen and cotton, 2 days on.

Mmmmm, ok I guess. Needs more though, so wrapping it up again.

Into plastic and weighted down with stones to increase the connection with the rust.


  1. Ribs looks like archeological find!
    I love it!

  2. I think it's looking great, rust and eucalyptus are my two favorite dye looks ....yummmy, organic and always a surprise .

  3. someone at work was telling me about a fashion designer who makes a garment and then buries it for a few months... this reminded me of this post.

    p.s I am a fellow get your paint on and I just had to say I love your gee quilt painting.