Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strange Times

Where I live in warrandyte, we usually prepare for bush fire threats. We check the weather every day, pack special belongings into a box that we can put in the car at a moments notice, I keep the cat cages and dog's lead near the front door. Important papers are stored together and a fire plan carefully considered and agreed upon. According to the Victorian emergency services, people who live in warrandyte are living in the most dangerous place for potential bush fires in Victoria. So, on the 11 th and 12 th of January each year, I am prepared for evacuation. This January has to be the weirdest yet. I found my self checking storm water drains to ensure they were clear of debris, diverting drain paths away from shed where I work and watching the rainfall radar on the weather site. Apparently now I need to be prepared for flash flooding! In Warrandyte! In the middle of our traditional bushfire season.
I spent the last week watching the horrendous pictures coming out of Queensland, floods, immense loss of property, livelihood, tragic loss of life. It is biblical in size, pictures of snakes and crocodile been washed into people's yards freaked me out. Floods in Queensland, bushfire in Victoria, both in New South Wales. That's how it goes, but it seems the patterns are changing. Anyway, I am fine where I am as long as I don't have a snake or crocodile knocking at my door anytime soon. Look out Perth, apparently you are in for some tropical humidity......


  1. Oh, Jacinta, all of us so worry and we sympathize with inhabitants of Australia...

  2. Well I definitely think you would need to worry if you found a crocodile down there!!! We are actually high and dry here in Mackay, horrified at the enormity of the catastrophe in Southern Queensland, now in Victoria, Tasmania and other states as well. What is the world coming to? Cheers, Robin

  3. please don't encourage tropical humidity for Perth - all the wet stuff you send dries fast enough.......
    watch for snakes and crocs though - on the other hand what could you do with croc skin?