Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What does a dyer do on her day off?

Dye of course! But, this time with tree resin and ash from the fire. Sorry no 'before' pics, or pics of the tree. I can tell you I picked red/ black resin off the bark of a Eucalyptus tree on the banks of the Goulburn river and placed it in an enamel pot to simmer with a handful of white ash from a fire made from Eucalyptus wood. I simmered the concoction for about 45 minutes and left it to cool. ( I did not stir or cackle like a witch in Macbeth. Rinsed it off in the river ( which is rich with tannins) and out with a lovely hand stitched linen (or cotton, I can never tell which) doiley that someone had lovingly stitched years ago. I found this treasure in a Warrandyte Op- shop. The shirt front is linen- very good quality, never worn. ( Buttons would not do up over a certain area) So any item of clothing that offends me by reminding me I am not a size 12 ( or 14, or......) gets ripped up and redyed. My other dye attempt with leaves sucked, so I will have to try it again. You live and learn....


  1. I love the effects you got wish this...I love everything Eucalyptus....especially cough drops and putting the oil in my bath water...just wish we had some of these trees in MN USA....(to cold).

    What was the smell like when brewing...clear your sinuses? Did you mordant the fabric with something before adding to the pot ...(I'm not a natural dyer....yet).

    Anyway, lovely effect .

  2. No, it didn't really smell, was a beautiful deep red color in the pot and the only mordant used was the white ash from the fire place which I put in the pot at the same time. I'm keen to try more too, so I'll put my experiments up as I learn.

  3. Really, result is excellent!
    I very much love natural colours!
    How is your experiment with the Parisian roofs?