Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rusting Fabric and Maria Apostolou

2 linen shirts, cotton scarf and a badly dyed silk piece all dipped in a solution of mild vinegar and water.
Chosen piece of rusty outdoor equipment. A fire that keeps Dean warm when he is outside making his brews. Dirty and rusty! ( I mean the fire, not Dean)

Wet Linen wrapped around and held in place with plastic wrap.

Black garbage bag over the top to stop it drying out and encourage solar heat.

Dean called out from inside- "what are you doing?" I called back- "wrapping your fire grate in wet linen." What else would I be doing?
Tomorrow I go looking for more interesting rusty stuff for the rest of the fabric. Thanks to Rae for supplying yet more goodies from the op shop.

Here is Butterball relaxing no matter what. Taking a short break from attacking absolutely everything and anything. In my next life, I am definitely coming back as a cat.

And....I had to overdye Vespa mulberry silk. White patches! That's what you get when rushing. I know this too, but I still occasionally think I can get away with it. Have to say though I love anything I over dye. It always looks more yummy than when I get it right the first time.

This lovely piece is by Maria Apostolou. Her work is amazing and unique. Especially her silver jewelery.

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  1. It is interesting that will turn out as a result of such dyeing.How long the fabric will be wrapped the rusty?
    Oh, Butterball is absolutely matchless! Such a sweet baby!
    I like Vespa both an old variant and new too.