Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ooops a daisy, I dyed the cat again.

But this time, her fur was not attached! Princess Willow had been crawling through grass seeds again and I had to remove a lot of her underbelly fur. Willow is a Ragdoll cat and her fur is like silk to touch. I couldn't resist. I've sent it to Dale.

This is another dye job, this time cashmere. OOO LA LA. This stuff is divine. So soft. So I have kept some aside that I am either going to spin on a stick and weave, or needle felt a piece of jewelery.
One of Dale's needle felted batts she sells as flimsies. I had to leave it to set for another day. The raspberry colour is particular about staying put.

And another batt, in the mail winging it's way to Thethreadstudio wet as usual. It is hot in Perth, it will dry in a minute.

Silk rods of the same batch Indian Splendor.

Assorted silk fibres, silk strippings and some other silk product that feels like horse hair but takes the dye wonderfully.


  1. yummy yummy - can't wait - it has been raining here

  2. Oh, lucky Dale :)
    Beautiful, really beautiful colours!