Friday, January 7, 2011

rusty blue door detail

rusty blue door detail, originally uploaded by Zé Eduardo....

I just wanted to direct attention to the fantastic colours in my favorite photographer's photo. This photo is by Ze Eduardo and the picture was taken in Peru. Pictures such as these are great for teaching you about colour- what works and what doesn't. I have found in dyeing that every potential colour goes can go with any other. The trick is to get the quantity right. In this picture the dominant colour is pale blue with various shades of blue. There is also a green, rust and very small amount of red/pink.
How I would dye this would be to make up dye of the deepest blue present, clear water, green the same strength as pictured, a rust and a small amount of red.
To apply the colours, I would start with the green, then deep blue, apply clear water, rust and then lastly the small touch of red.
If we broke the quantities down it would be mostly blue- pushed into the water to create the shades of blue- dark to light, a touch of green, a smaller area of rust and just a touch of red.

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